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The listed property management company offers a range of services, including tenant screening, property management best practices, and rental management. They've been in business over a decade, and are known for being the most reliable and trustworthy. Valley Property Management specializes in property management and off-campus housing. In fact, the company manages over a dozen properties. This may explain how the company has managed almost a decade without experiencing vacancy rate and housing vacancy. Visit their website to find out more about how they can assist your property. You can also call 781-552 5699 to speak with one of their eagle Scouts.


Is it worth paying a handyman an hourly rate or per-project basis.

It all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer paying by the hour to know exactly how much their handyman charges. Some prefer to pay for each project, even though they may be doing multiple jobs at once. Both are fine.

Is it worth spending extra money on professional handyman service?

It all depends on the type project that you wish to have completed. If you need a complex construction project like an office renovation, then a professional handyman service would definitely be beneficial.

Do I need a license to become a handyman?

In most states, you won't need a license to become an independent contractor (as opposed to a salaried employee). However, there are some requirements you must fulfill:

  • You must be at least 18 years.
  • You should have a high school diploma, or a GED.
  • Complete a four-week course at a vocational school.
  • You must pass a background check at the Department of Licensing.
  • Annual registration requires payment of $20

You will also require business licenses as well workers' compensation coverage.

How often should I employ a handyman to help me?

It depends on the nature of your project. If you are looking for a quick fix, like installing a lightbulb, you may only need one handyman per week. You might have to call several handymen if the job involves a lot more remodeling.

How long does it take to become a handyman?

To become a skilled handyman, it takes many years of hard labor. It is usually a hobby that starts out helping your family, but it eventually becomes a full-time occupation.

You'll start to learn all the skills needed as you go along.


  • A franchise was approximately $110,000 with a franchise fee of $14,900, according to a spokesperson for a national handyman franchise. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • With a strong housing market, the handyman and general maintenance worker industry are expected to grow by nearly 10% in the next decade. (housecallpro.com)
  • “Before the pandemic, 40% of people asked how we could estimate a job when we weren't there,” Rose recalled. (inquirer.com)
  • Mila keeps a commission of 20% for each completed service performed by Friends and charges various service fees regarding work done by Pros. (appjobs.com)
  • Another estimate was that the market in the United States was $126 billion and was increasing by about 4% annually. (en.wikipedia.org)

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You can solve this problem by installing a water pressure booster (also called a diverter val). This device allows you turn on different outlets and control where the water goes. The device also keeps the pipes clear because any water left over from turning off an outlet runs down the drain. You can flip the valve around when you need to use a bathroom. Next, call a plumber to tell him about the problem with your plumbing system. The plumber will visit your home and inspect it for free.

1/2" copper pipe: This copper pipe is expected to last 50 years. However, it is important to keep in mind that your hot water tank should be vented through an attic window and not through a vent chimney. Most building codes require that the water heater must vent.

Additional costs could be incurred for repairs to electrical wiring. The homeowner might be responsible in some cases for any damage done to the ceiling or walls while the fixture was being removed. You might also be liable for any damage to the ceiling or walls caused by the fixture's use. In these cases, the homeowner might have to spend thousands of money to repair the entire structure.

Valley Property Management, The Area Best Property Management