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Great Jones Property Management Review

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Great Jones Property Management is a full-service management company that services nine states. The company works with licensed and insured contractors to address maintenance and repair problems and allows residents to handle any emergencies on their own. Great Jones customers will get the most out their rental properties.

Great Jones' comprehensive portfolio of services aims to simplify property ownership for investors. It is well-known for its functional and robust online portal. Great Jones offers everything you need, whether it's a simple check in or complex lease agreement. It offers tenant screening, renter reviews and data-driven rent analytics. The cost of maintaining their rental property can be viewed by owners.

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Aside from managing properties, Great Jones has another service in store for owners: reliable income. This is one of the primary reasons why Great Jones is the smartest choice for owners. Great Jones offers property owners security and peace of head through its proprietary technology. Great Jones' customer service is also top-notch. For example, there is a 24 hour emergency hotline and a tenant support hotline. Owners may also benefit from a free management evaluation.

Great Jones offers a wide range of property management services. It also has a dedicated business team in New York City and Raleigh-Durham. These teams are headed by technology geeks and real estate veterans. They are backed by an army of 17 software engineers and experts in leasing, marketing, and maintenance. Great Jones manages over 5 000 properties across the nation using a mix of these experts.

Great Jones also offers a free one-month trial. This is a rare offer among real estate companies. Charlotte residents are also eligible for a free property management assessment. Not only does the company offer the most convenient way to manage your rental properties, but its services also save you money. The company is well-positioned to service Florida as it has opened offices earlier in the year in Fort Myers (Florida) and Orlando (Florida).

The company's outstanding customer base is perhaps the best aspect of its services. The company currently has about 15 employees, which includes a few real estate professionals. Great Jones's property-management tools can help maximize the return on your investment. Its online portal makes it easy for you to monitor your property and track your income. You can even set-up a payment for utilities or other bills.

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Although there are dozens of property management companies out there, only a few of them are worth your time and money. Great Jones is worthy of a spot on your list as the best property manger. Their team includes some industry experts. From its data-driven rent analysis to its user-friendly customer portal, this company is worth its weight in gold.


What happens to me if a handyman causes damages and I am unhappy with his work.

It is your responsibility to notify your client immediately if any problems arise during the project. You should write down all details and take photographs of the area. You can then contact your insurance company to file an insurance claim.

How do I find a trustworthy handyman?

You should always get references before you hire a handyman. Ask family and friends who have worked with him or her before. Look online too - there are many sites where handymen leave reviews.

How many hours is it typical to complete a DIY project of this nature?

The average DIY project takes two to four hours. The difficulty and complexity of the project will affect how long it takes.

What license do I need to become a handyman in order to get my permit?

To become an independent contractor in most states, you don't need to have a license (as opposed with a salaried worker). However, certain requirements must be met:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Do you have a high-school diploma or GED?
  • Complete a four-week course at a vocational school.
  • Pass a background check through the state's Department of Licensing.
  • Register for the year by paying $20

You will also require business licenses as well workers' compensation coverage.

Is it worth paying more for professional handyman service?

It all depends on the type project that you wish to have completed. A professional handyman service will be helpful if you have a complicated project such as an office remodel.

What are the top handyman repairs you can do?

Handymen can repair damaged roofs or windows, doors and gutters. Handymen can help with any home improvement or building project that is not possible for DIY homeowners.

What time does it take for a handyman finish a job?

It depends on the size and complexity of the project. The time it takes to finish smaller projects is more common than larger ones. A handyman can usually finish a project in one week, regardless of its size.


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2020, there are 1,357,630 handymen employed in the U.S.. (angi.com)
  • With a strong housing market, the handyman and general maintenance worker industry are expected to grow by nearly 10% in the next decade. (housecallpro.com)
  • Mila keeps a commission of 20% for each completed service performed by Friends and charges various service fees regarding work done by Pros. (appjobs.com)
  • More than 20% of homes in America have outdoor living spaces, including decks and patios. (mrhandyman.com)
  • “Before the pandemic, 40% of people asked how we could estimate a job when we weren't there,” Rose recalled. (inquirer.com)

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How to Install a Receptacle Box

When installing any type of electrical outlet, you should always follow the guidelines your local building inspector set forth. You should ensure that the wiring is done correctly, and that there are no fire hazards or water damage.

Four wires are coming from the circuit breaker panel. Most boxes come prewired for installation. The two black wires run through a box to the first screws on one side. While the red and the white wires run to the second screws on the opposite side. When connecting these wires together it is vital to not use wire nuts or wrap around the screws. It is likely that you will have problems getting the wires into place after tightening them down. You want to allow them to move freely, but keep them tight enough that they don't pull away from their holes.

Another piece of hardware may be needed if you are adding a receptacle for an already existing box. This task involves removing the metal top from the box and adding a new cover. Once you have made the hole in the cover plate for the new connector, connect all of your wires to it.

You may not need a licensed electrician to replace the existing light switches in your home. You will first need to remove the old switch and its mounting place. Then you should take the time to disconnect all the wires connected to the switch. These wires include power going into the switch itself and the ones that supply electricity to the lights in the room where the switch is located. Now you are ready to start the replacement process.

After removing the old switch, you'll need to measure the distance between the wall studs and mark them with a permanent marker. Once you have measured the distance between wall studs and marked them with permanent markers, you can determine whether the new switch must be mounted high above the floor or below it. Depending upon the height of the switch, you'll need to drill a hole to mount the bracket or attach it directly to drywall using drywall anchors.

After you have taken measurements and marked the locations, you can begin the project. With the help of a family member or friend, you can begin to remove the drywall around where the switch will be placed. To ensure that the cable is not accidentally cut inside the wall, you should leave about 8 inches space between each stud. Next, attach the mounting brackets to the new switch. Next, attach the cables and secure the switch onto the mounting brackets. Once you have installed the switch, turn the power back ON and test it to make sure it functions properly.

Great Jones Property Management Review